1. Does the COOK-AIR BBQ come assembled?

The COOK-AIR BBQ is already assembled. All you have to do is fix the lid handle and you are ready for cooking.

2. What is the weight of the COOK-AIR BBQ?

The COOK-AIR BBQ weighs approximately 20 Lb (9 Kg) with accessories therefore making it easy to carry it around wherever you go.

3. How powerful is the COOK-AIR BBQ?

The COOK-AIR BBQ is equivalent to a BBQ that produce 65000 BTUs.

4. What is the cooking surface of the COOK-AIR BBQ?

The cooking surface is 14"inches in diameter (154 '' square inches), enough to cook 3 big porterhouse steaks or 8 hamburgers at the same time.

5. Is the COOK-AIR BBQ safe?

Yes. It does not use explosive fuel nor propane. It is also ready for cooking in less than 5 minutes.

6. Do I need to put my COOK-AIR BBQ on a special surface when in usage?

COOK-AIR BBQ is the safest grill on the market. Its base remains cold even though the cooking surface reaches temperatures over 1000F (540 C). Therefore, you can use your COOK-AIR BBQ grill on a plastic table for example.

7. What is the MAX temperature I can reach with my COOK-AIR BBQ?

Thanks to a new method of combustion, the COOK-AIR BBQ reaches a very high temperature of cooking in just 5 minutes. Its steady temperature easily exceeds 1000F (540 C). This makes the COOK-AIR BBQ the best grill on the market for cooking and searing meats.

8. What is the best temperature to sear and to keep the juices inside the meat?

A minimum temperature of 800F (425C) is required to sear the meat and seal in the juices. Gas grills and camping BBQs reach at best 600F (315 c), which has the effect of boiling meat thus losing most of its juices and taste during cooking. Most major steakhouses in Canada and in the United States are cooking their meat on the fire at a temperature of 1000F (540 C) and more. That’s the secret!

9. How long does it take for my COOK-AIR BBQ to be ready to cook?

You start up the unit and about four to five minutes later you are ready to  cook your hamburgers, hot dogs, chops, steaks, sausages, chicken, fish or any other food of your choice.

10. How do I control the cooking temperature?

Choose the degree of heat required for the foods that you wish to cook by varying the speed of the fan using the command and also by adding wood as required.

11. Can l smoke food with my COOK-AIR BBQ?

COOK-AIR BBQ is not a smoker, but it allows you to get this sought-after smoky flavor taste by cooking on a wood fire. It is a simple technique explained in the operating manual.

12. How is the COOK-AIR BBQ powered?

There are three different ways of powering up the COOK-AIR BBQ;

With the electric adaptor, which requires a 12 volt DC power source.

With 8 "D" type batteries.

With the car cigarette lighter adapter included in the accessories kit.

13. What are the lengths of the electric cables provided in the accessories kit?

The included adaptors are 12ft long to give you sufficient space to create your BBQ setup.

14. What type of batteries are required?

COOK-AIR BBQ uses 8 type ‘’D’’ alkaline batteries.

15. Can I use rechargeable batteries?

Yes. Rechargeable batteries are found in most stores.

16. How long will my batteries last?

Depending on the quality of the batteries, approximately 20hours of cooking.

17. Can I leave the batteries inside the COOK-AIR BBQ?

We recommend removing at least one battery between usage in order to preserve the battery life. For seasonal storage or for shipping your COOK-AIR BBQ, we recommend removing all the batteries.

18. Does the COOK-AIR BBQ create a lot of smoke?

COOK-AIR BBQ can reach very high temperatures in a record time. It is a grill designed for the outdoors and it produces smoke. We recommend always removing the extra fat from your food as well as any excessive marinade from your meat of choice in order to reduce the risk of outbreaks and excessive smoke.

19. Can I use the lid while I am cooking?

Yes. You can use the lid during cooking. We also recommend using it if you use your COOK-AIR BBQ during the winter months. You must always ensure to leave enough space between the lid and the cooking surface to allow air circulation.

20. Can I use my COOK-AIR BBQ indoors since it works with electricity?

No. The COOK-AIR BBQ is an outdoor BBQ just like gas or charcoal grills. The electricity is used in the operation of the blower which feeds the combustion chamber with air to create the intense heat to grill your food.  COOK-AIR BBQ uses wood as fuel and it creates smoke just like any other type of grill.