1. What kind of wood should I use with my COOK-AIR BBQ?

You can use either pieces of hardwood, dry (maple, cherry, apple, oak or other) or ecological logs (without wax or chemicals) made of sliced sawdust. You can also use wood charcoal if you do not have access to natural wood.

2. Can I make my own wood?

Yes. The taste of the food will be at its best if you use chunks of dry wood. Each variety of hardwood will give a different flavor to the foods.

3. What size of wood chunks should I use in my COOK-AIR BBQ?

Hardwood blocks should ideally measure less than 5 cm (2'') in thickness about 5 cm (2 '') in width and no more than 7.5 cm (3 ") in length. Branches up to 5 cm (2 '') in diameter can also be used, if they are cut in lengths of less than 7.5 cm (3 ").

4. Can I use regular charcoal or wood pallets in my COOK-AIR BBQ?

No. The COOK-AIR works at its best only with hardwood or wood charcoal.

5. Can I use resin wood like cedar, fir or pine?

It is not recommended to use these types of wood with the BBQ because they can create lots of sparks.

6. Can I add wood while I’m cooking?

Yes. You can add wood as required during cooking, very safely as described in the operating manual.

7. How many wood pieces should I put in the combustion chamber?

To start, we recommend using only one piece of wood. When the fire is lit, you can add wood as required but do not fill the combustion chamber with more than 3/4 of its capacity otherwise the burning could be affected and as a result produce black smoke.

8. Where can I buy the wood?

You can purchase the Cook-Air™ Wood pucks online by clicking here or from merchants who sell the COOK-AIR BBQ; also, you can buy bags of pieces of hardwood for smoking sold in most stores or ecological logs (without wax or chemicals). They are easy to cut with a flat head screwdriver and a hammer.

9. What kind of fire starter can I use to start my COOK-AIR BBQ?

If you don't have COOK-AIR BBQ fire starter, you can use any type of fire starter (without chemicals) sold in most stores. A piece of solid fire starter of one to two square inches is usually sufficient. Crumpled newspaper can also do the trick.

10. Can I use alcohol or liquid fuel to start or to boost my cooking fire?

No. Do not use flammable liquid with the COOK-AIR BBQ because you could damage it.